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Increasing Recovery Capital

In this section, you’ll learn how recovery capital can play a key role in helping a person maintain their recovery. You will be about to: define recovery capital, explain cultural and social aspects of recovery capital, discuss key components of recovery capital.

Navigating Community – Based Care

In this section, you’ll learn about strategies you can use to successfully link individuals to services and recovery supports in your community. Once you have completed this section, you should be able to: describe best practices to link individuals to service and supports, explain key elements of a warm handoff.

Opioid Basics

Important information regarding the opioid epidemic that’s designed for non-health professionals and ideal for community and faith-based organizations. Includes helpful commonly-used terms.

Opioid Addiction Treatment

This patient guide includes information on assessment, treatment overview (including treatment plans, patient participation, and counseling), and all the medications available to treatment opioid use and overdose. It also provides links to find a provider and support groups for patients and families.