BHWD Webinars

These events are available for any BHWD Grantee to attend. If you are not apart of the program, your attendance is optional. Date Time Program Event Title and Zoom Link […]

Peer Workforce Investment Awardee Overview

ORGANIZATION CITY COUNTY  AWARD AMOUNT Cal Voices Clearlake Lake $262,498.95 California Clubhouse Napa Napa $250,000.00 Clubhouse Visalia Fairfield Napa $250,000.00 Compatior, Inc. Commerce Los Angeles $249,628.50 Consumers Self Help Center […]

Grantee Spotlight: Norooz Clinic Foundation

Norooz Clinic Foundation

PWI grantee the Norooz Clinic Foundation has the mission to empower lives by providing direct mental health services utilizing the latest technology in education, organizing creative community outreach, and promoting accessible mental health services to everyone.

GRANTEE SPOTLIGHT: American Addiction Institute of Mind and Medicine

American Addiction Institute

With help from PWI funding, American Addiction Institute of Mind and Medicine fulfills its mission to empower each client through care based on science and compassion; to advocate their client population through education and community outreach; and to create a society where those that struggle with substance abuse can live and prosper with dignity and hope.

GRANTEE SPOTLIGHT: Consumers Self Help Center

Consumers Self Help Centers

PWI grantee Consumers Self Help Center aims to bridge the gap between the community and behavioral health by meeting people where they are at, through field-based outreach, compassion, and cultural competency.



The California Association of Mental Health Peer Run Organizations (CAMHPRO) a consumer-run organization made up of other established, independent, and successful consumer-run organizations, and individual consumer members, joined our grantee coaches for an interview.